Monday, June 29, 2009


My birthday this year was all about art and family. The actual day was yesterday, Sunday the 28th, but my friend Christy came down Friday night and my mom came down Saturday morning, so I took Saturday off and we celebrated then instead.
In the morning, Chris and I went to the beach, where we lay about, taunted sand crabs, and were generally sunburned and irresponsible--it was lovely! That evening, we whipped together a funfetti cake, then left it to cool and went to dinner at Barefoot Bernie's, fantastic restaurant recommended by my aunt and uncle, who joined us there. Also--presents!I had asked for a Marc Johns print and suggested a few I liked, but left the actual choosing to my mom. She picked Dessert Fork Incident because, as she put it, it seemed like something which could easily happen in our family. Thinking about it, I'm rather surprised it hasn't! I also received Johns' new book, Serious Drawings, plus Christy brought me this delightfully artistic Swatch watch! After dinner, we frosted the cake (with funfetti frosting, of course!) and dug in.

Sunday, I had to work. Happily, I was able to bring Christy and Summer, my visiting dog, along with me! Sundays are usually pretty lazy at the shop, but the universe was laughing at me, so we were busy all day long. Still, the day ended with a pizza from Cosmo's (honestly the best pizza place down here) and more cake, so it was all good!

Christy went home Sunday, but my mom stayed another day. This morning, we went walking down the beach, then shopping. In honor of my birthday, I told myself I could buy one thing--so of course I fell in love with three, at two galleries. In the end, I decided on a box made by New Hampshire artist Timothy Campbell, which I adore. It came from the Sea Dragon Gallery in Duck, where I was also sorely tempted by a print from local artist E.M. Corsa.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend (I even won a giveaway!) and a great birthday.


Wu said...

Good times! That particular gallery is sooo beautiful. May the box bring you luck sweetie! I snagged a Corsa print for the memories (Quilting Bees).

Marley said...

How fun! I'm glad you had a good birthday and sorry I missed it! Can you believe how quickly this summer is flying by??

We miss you up here!

Veronica Hohenstein said...

Happy belated birthday!

Kelly Anne said...

Thanks, y'all!