Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Have you noticed that whenever paper-writin' time rolls around, I swoop in all doom and gloom about how you might never see me again and then miraculously my blog-posting frequency goes through the roof?? Almost as if I was avoiding work, rather than embracing it. Do my italics accurately convey my sarcasm, or should I really crank back the subtlety?

Anyway, I'm up writing genius words about water and air motifs in The Great Gatsby (note: italics do not denote sarcasm) with some minimal distractions (I even turned off Twitterific--the sacrifice!) and this made me laugh, so perhaps it will you, as well.From the beatifically Canadian Kate Beaton, who is obviously writing in reference to Pride and Prejudice, but it's a trope which shows up in pretty much every Regency historical romance ever (and, I'll admit, it's totally a personal fav).

On the subject of romance, meet my flight-to-Argentina book: Beyond Heaving Bosoms. I refuse to buy it until just before we leave, so the anticipation is almost as great for the book as it is for BA and the bro! I predict a good amount of snorts and giggles from my seat this journey.

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