Tuesday, April 21, 2009

calling all gumshoes

Hi, there--mystery junkie here. Yes, it is I, who cherish all things hidden, read Nancy Drew books (and not in an ironic fashion--heck, I've played each and every game), and treasure British mystery shows above all. Now, thanks to Jorden Ferney's post on the Cookie Nesting blog, every single birthday party I have from now unto eternity will be detective themed. Every. Single. One. Because, my God, the adorableness. These invitations are ridiculously simple, totally cute, and nail the theme on the head without going over-the-top. Which, as you may know, basically sums up Ms. Ferney's modus operandi.

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nonpareil said...

I had a detective themed party for my son when he was little...but THIS is way cuter. Adorable, I agree.