Thursday, March 26, 2009

friday five senses

Once again, I am aping Abby's clever weekly wrap-up. Will I continue to do this weekly? Eh, who knows, but it's awfully fun!

- delicious, delicious Veggie Crisps (back in stock in the machine at school--such joy!)

- the Jersey shore while making my chains
work surface

- l'art nouveau goodness in class (Horta and Guimard and Gallé, oh my!)
- swissrolli's gorgeous photostream (plus her dog looks like mine!)
- my girls, back from spring break!
- music from the Ragtime soundtrack, rediscovered in a great CD purge

- the feather on my brand new Bambako headband


abby try again said...

I love your photos!!
oh and I haven't thought about Ragtime in a long time, but I saw it onstage when I was in high school and fell in love. I'll have to go dig up my cd...happy weekend :)

Kelly Anne said...

It was always my all-time favourite musical. So glad to have reminded you!

ss said...

Sweet photos...and your Cavalier King Charles is just gorgeous! I'm doing Five Senses Friday too--it's fun to discover new sites, and I'm glad I found yours!

Kelly Anne said...

Aw, thanks for stopping by!