Thursday, March 19, 2009


here I am
No piece of the week this week, but you do get an update on my short New Jersey vacation! G and I had a lovely time in Cape May, we really, really did. It's off-season, so the town was nearly all locals, which I love. We got a fantastic rate at The Star Inn, which is a small house run by Congress Hall, the oldest hotel in town. We loved our little room, it was the perfect size!
Most of the touristy things were closed, so we spent a lot of time wandering the beach, collecting shells, glass, and stones. I even managed to get a sunburn, flaunting my British Isle heritage on St. Patrick's Day, no less.
girl and her cairn
We spent equal time walking all over town and lazing about reading. All in all a perfect little spring break. For more photos (including snapshots which didn't make the flickr cut, click here.
Hope everyone's week was as relaxing as mine!

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