Thursday, February 12, 2009

piece of the week: wave bowl

Remember, back in the day, when I tried to blog about a different specific piece every week? Yeah, me neither. Well, it occurred to me last night in class that it might work a little bit better if I revamped the idea a bit. You see, sometimes I see some seriously awesome things in class, things I just want to shout to the world about. And I've got this blog thing happening, so...
This week I'm shouting about this: Wave Bowl, c. 1880, design attributed to Christopher Dresser and made by Linthorpe Art Pottery. This bowl is an excellent example of a piece from the Aesthetic Movement in England, and it shows well the Japonisme craze. The bowl is believed to be a direct reference to the famous Hokusai woodcut Great Wave Off Kanagawa.Not only does the bowl echo the dramatic wave shape in the print, but the decoration on the lower curve resembles the prows of the boats you see in the print. Additionally, the bowl sits on a very sea rock-y looking base. In conclusion, the Met should probably increase security around this piece, cause I wants it.

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