Monday, February 16, 2009


Archer, my aunt's beloved mutt, passed away today. It may seem odd, offering a tribute to a dog who wasn't even mine, but Archer was something special. He came from the Richmond SPCA, and was the world's greatest testement to the wisdom of adopting pound dogs. Despite his size, Archer was the kindest, most gentle dog I have ever met. My family is unquestionably a dog-loving bunch (each branch has one, if not more), and we always agreed that he was the best. He loved every person he ever met, although none so much as my aunt. Family gatherings just won't be the same without his quiet, steady presence. We should all be so lucky to have had an Archer in our lives.


Krista said...

Those are my exact sentiments on my Lucy, my beloved collie I lost about five years ago now.

My heart goes out to your aunt. Pets are family members and I think it can be equally hard to lose a pet.

Marley said...

Awww, what a cute dog! I hope to be lucky enough to have a dog as a pet again