Sunday, January 11, 2009

happy pill

So this is my 300th post, and instead of saying something deep and meaningful and artistic, I present you with what is possibly the cutest thing I've ever photographed. Meet Jäger, my friend Sam's puppy. He's about 10 weeks old, with these ridiculous crossed ears and soulful eyes.
He's a little guy now, but his paws are ENORMOUS. This dog is going to be a monster in size!
to scale
See all of my Jäger photos here.


Marley said...

That dog is going to be MASSIVE! What's the the folded ears? Super cute!

Kelly Anne said...

Hehe, his head isn't big enough for the ears to stand up straight yet, so they flop in towards one another. They're like that all the time, it's great. And he does the great puppy running thing where he throws his entire body forward and lopes along. So cute!