Monday, December 8, 2008


For some reason my office is freeeeeeezing today, and I'm sitting here, wrapped in my coat, longing for a blanket, a purring cat, or....hmmm. A toaster might do!These might be too pretty for my feet, though. They're pieces in the online Toaster Museum. I've been on the fence about online museums, because it's always more fun to see things in person, but the execution of this one is quite good!
I love that it's an actual collection, as well as how very organized and detailed the website is. It's easier to find pieces in this "museum" than it is to find them on the websites of many of the grand old institutions.I also just adore small, focused museums in general. As the website explains,
"It's amazing that a simple technical task - e.g. toasting bread - can be celebrated in so many different ways."
Thanks Double Takes, for linking to this wonderful place!

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