Sunday, December 21, 2008


Having worked in a bookstore for one mind-numbing year, the blog Judge a Book by its Cover is a personal favourite. The minds behind the blog are a few, but I just adore Rex Parker's "Sultry Sunday," a weekly crossover with his blog Pop Sensation. I love that he focuses on both the art and the text, including snippets from the book itself.

Today's book is one Kill Now, Pay Later and his description is fantastic.
"Best things about this cover:

Nearly everything. It's quintessential. It expresses everything I love about this era - a sense of cool combined with a sense of something fading, something ending ... a kind of twilight. These two look like their best days are behind them, just behind them, and it is only beginning to dawn on them. Look, she's already forgotten how to hold a martini glass. And he seems bemused by his gun. Poor, poor, hot people."

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Veronica Hohenstein said...

LOVE that cover. Literally, want to find it and frame it. SO my style.... Gahhh.