Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas and poladroids

tree pola
I downloaded Poladroid months ago on a handful of recommendations, but never actually played with it until today. It's a lot of fun! The photos aren't exactly polaroid quality (not grainy enough, though the color tinting and faded edges is nice), but it's a fun tool for when you find yourself out of film (which I have been for weeks--you listening, Santa?). Plus, it makes you wait while it "develops" your photo, which I find equal parts maddening and delightful.
to kelly
In other news, I turned in my final assignment of this semester and am now in full Christmas spirit mode! It's a major departure for me to really be getting into it this late in the game, last year working retail, by the time Christmas morning rolled around I was pretty much done with it. Not so, this year! I made cookies, sneaking bits of dough and swiping icing until I thought I'd be sick. I boogied to the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy with my dog (she's immensely talented). Finally, I hammered out some holiday favourites on the piano, rehearsing for the Christmas Eve service I unintentionally committed to singing in.
burn burn
In other holiday-related news, Hannukah! I like Hannukah. I am in no way Jewish, just many many flavors of Protestant, but growing up my best friend down the street was Jewish and we would often partake in Hannukah festivities with them (I was a devil with a dreidal, yo). Latkes are, in my opinion, definite proof of SOMEONE'S love for the human race, and hearing chatter about them has got me cravin' them. Has anyone had the frozen latkes from Trader Joe's? I've heard some good things about them (and they sound idiot-proof enough for me to handle).

Wow, I talk a lot. Here, have some Bing and Bowie:

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