Saturday, November 22, 2008


I was tagged by Marvelous lady Leigh to provide seven random facts about myself. I'm not someone who keeps much to myself, so this is pretty challenging! These will probably mostly be things I've never mentioned in bloglandia. Here goes...

The rules:
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1. I am a classically trained vocalist. I started taking voice lessons at 10 or 11 and continued until I was 19. I actually transferred from one college to another specifically to major in voice, then realized I hated music theory and my department-assigned voice teacher. I would LOVE to go back to taking lessons someday when I have the money. For now, I'm a mad car trip singer!

2. I love Nancy Drew. My mom tried to read The Hidden Staircase to me when I was little, but it scared me too much, so I went back and discovered them years later. I bought a bunch at a goodwill in Memphis this past summer and my mom and I took turns reading to each other while we drove home. In addition to the books, I also love the computer games (don't knock 'em, they're wicked fun) and even dressed as Nancy for Halloween last year!

3. The best and worst dog my family has had was a basset hound named Mariah Carey (ironically, my brother's choice of name). She passed away 2 years ago after a sudden and brief battle with lymphoma. I carry her tag on my keys with me. I fully intend to have bassets again someday, and frequently troll BROOD to tide me over. (if anyone has any desire to watch Mariah run up and down the beach on the day the above photo was taken...)

4. I love secret things. Secret compartments, hidden passages, puzzle boxes, anything that locks with a key makes me so happy. It probably stems from #2, actually. I would adore living in a home with secret passages or rooms, but I think I could be content if every box I owned locked in some unique way.

5. My senior year in high school, I played a conjoined twin in our production of Side Show. (See us in the center? Can you tell which one is me?) Not only were we not attached in any permanent way, but my "twin" had years of dance training--I had none! Incidentally, the Violet to my Daisy has a pretty sweet budding career.

6. I am a terrible, terrible packrat. At least 3 times on any given day I resolve that I will finally go through and throw things out, then never do. I fantasize about being invaded by organized people who will make me get my stuff together once and for all.

7. I think snails are hilarious. I don't know why.
Tags, tags, tags! I have no real conception of who reads my blog, so if I tag you and you don't see it...disregard this message?

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