Friday, September 26, 2008


Suburban Sky, originally uploaded by lilacmoon.

I spent my day yesterday dressed in sweats and feeling crummy, but since I feel a little better today, I'm going to finally close out the tabs I've been clinging tenaciously to for the past week, chanting "I'll blog about it, I will, I will!" And I'll do it here, in a giant catchall post a la Jo.

Fell in love with LAMA a few weeks ago. Their Dia de Los Muertos pillows featuring La Calavera Catrina are taking me back to my beloved final paper on José Guadalupe Posada.

From desire to inspire, for when you're not around to give you guests instructions.

A wonderful way to end a wedding, plus check out more photos.

Rita Konig drives my dream car (because her gorgeous apartment wasn't jealousy-inducing enough).

It's a tie between the spoon chandelier and the lotus lamp.

Now go on and have a happy, happy weekend. Maybe I'll see you?

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