Wednesday, July 9, 2008

piece of the week: industrial shelves

Wow, Wednesday really snuck up on me this week. Last week, I missed it entirely! Anyway. This summer, I've been making a conscious effort to be aware of the spaces I see, regardless of whether they're real or on a screen. In doing so, I've noticed some great use of industrial spaces. For example, check out Michael's apartment on the USA series Burn Notice, or the textile plant/secret base in the movie Wanted (I wouldn't recommend seeing it for other reasons however, unless you just love blood, brains, and ridiculous physics). Inspired by these and others, I bring you my piece of the week.I'm all about finding new and creative uses for things, and these shevles are a perfect example. Above, industrial shelves on casters. I love the way the shelves angle out and the handles on the sides. Below, an old wooden shoe rack. The shelves are a little dark and close, but they would be great for paperbacks.
Lastly, this gorgeous bookcase made from an iron pipe rack. Check out its great curves.
Industrial pieces might be a bit much for many smaller spaces, but they probably work wonderfully in lofts. Many would also do well as room dividers, as they're plenty solid but still open enough to let light through. All of the above pieces come from Cleveland Art, a great industrial resource (unfortunately for me) located in L.A. Now have a happy Wednesday!

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