Friday, June 6, 2008

she's got a knack


I've been meaning to blog about Barb Blair and knack studios for ages, and now that everyone else has, I will too. Based in Greenville, SC, knack is everything I love in salvage and furniture refurbishment. Blair has an incredible gift of recognizing great pieces, and seems always to know what will suit each piece best in refurbishing. Take the hutch in the above photo. Would it have occurred to me to paint it orange? Heck, no. But it's perfect. d*s has a detailed before/after.

studio/june 08

Her showroom looks just delightful, too. Let's see, when can I next be in Greenville...


For more information and photos, check out knack's website, blog, or Flickr. All are delightful

full on shot

green china cabinet

(it was a while ago, but I believe this is via poppytalk)

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