Wednesday, June 11, 2008

piece of the week

2008 905

My piece of the week this week is extremely specific: the vintage Smith-Corona electric typewriter I acquired from a friend while on my tubing trip Sunday. It was sitting in its case in her childhood bedroom, and when I went retro-loving nuts over it, was told "You want it? You can have it! Weighs a ton." And does it ever. But I love it!

2008 903

I find it fascinating how objects like typewriters, once solely used for their given purpose, have become increasingly decorative. I sincerely doubt that mine was ever intended to be beautiful. I love its curves, but read that they are, in fact, thanks to a "scientifically sloped keyboard fitted to natural finger movements."

I'm unsure of the year that it was made, but I'm guessing somewhere between 1955 and '57. Smith-Corona introduced their first electric typewriter in '55, then a wireless in '57, which mine is not.

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