Saturday, June 21, 2008


I love reading, and I love lists. So here's a link to a fantastic taxonomy of types of literature. My bookstore time made me snort apple juice while reading this.
Schtick Lit - Footnotes, characters named for colors, and other look-at-me machinations. (See Special Topics in Calamity Physics and, again, Infinite Jest.)

Mick Lit - The literature of Ireland. (See Banville, John and Ruland, Jim.)

Slick Lit - Polite, correct fiction, polished to a high sheen. (See Bridge of Sighs.)

There's also lots of goodness in the comments, so be sure to check those out.
[sic] Lit - The literature of intentional misspellings, missing punctuation, and broken-down grammar (See Only Revolutions, Blood Meridian).

Click Lit - Novels built entirely on one "a-ha" moment (Syn. - Detective Fiction)

Clique Lit - Novels published by the friends of last year's best-selling novelists.

Check it!

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