Wednesday, June 4, 2008

funky old homes

I love it when someone takes a space and does something completely different than what you expected with it. I don't mean taking a formal dining room in a grand Georgia plantation and outfitting it with a moon bounce (which, you must admit would be unexpected, yet also awesome). I'm talking about having a gorgeous old barn in the English countryside (see above), and decorating it with the following:

That is one warm, funky space and I want it.

That's the Buddhist symbol for "Ohm" on the ceiling, y'all. It's like a bedroom that waltzed straight out of my imagination. Yum, yum. And on the subject of fun old houses (also articles from the New York Times--found the above on AT), here are a few photos from an article my lovely Peter V sent me about a home in Pennsylvania. Not as cozy, but just as unexpected. Plus, it reminds me strikingly at times of my great aunt's home in Tobaccoville, NC.


Taddie Tales said...

Makes me want to curl up with a fire and some tea - BEAUTIFUL home. I do so love English barns.

Kelly Anne said...

I know! I feel exactly the same way. Love the little stove, too!