Monday, June 16, 2008

for my pops

It's a few hours belated as I spent most of my day on the Jersey turnpike, then collapsed and slept for hours upon getting home, but it could be worse. Right?

That is my father. He is a short, redheaded man from Tennessee with a love of high tech toys and a laugh you can hear in the next county.
For most of my life, my brother and I have called my father "Dad," but he's more recently become more of a "Pop." He has an incredible ability to fall asleep anywhere. These two photos were taken a few minutes apart at a family Christmas gathering.

My father and I are very different people, but he's always making efforts to find middle ground. When I started this blog, he told everyone who expressed any interest in art about it and when I got into grad school, his reaction was "There goes retirement!" He's a man with many friends who loves a good time, but he would do anything for my mother, brother, and me.

Maybe my favourite thing that my pop's done in my lifetime was to bring Milhouse into our lives. Milhouse is a 6ft tall (which means he's actually taller than all of us save my brother) copper frog created by J.A. Cobb. My father loves that frog.

I love you, Daddy-O. Happy Father's Day.


Artie Markos said...

That was great. Right on Kelly!!!!
Artie Markos

Anonymous said...


Those pics pretty much sum up your Dad. Thats why we all love him.
Wonderful blog.
Scott Lee