Monday, June 9, 2008

curiosity shoppe home

I'm a bit of a pack rat, and am often wary of bringing new things into my home (although I did cheerfully take an unwanted typewriter from a friend's house yesterday). This couple, whose home was toured on Apartment Therapy, do "stuff" with panache! I highly recommend checking out the whole slideshow, but here are some of my favourite bits:

Personal quirk: I love things what lock. Whether it be key, code, or hidden trigger, if it can lock, and I can hide things in it, I'm in love. No clue why. Probably has something to do with my affection for all things Nancy Drew. So I love their little display of boxes that lock. Also: check out that rocking hi-fi! Detail:

Also: hanging a chandelier with a rope pulley.

Don't know if I'd enjoy living there, but gosh it's pretty to look at. Plus it gives me, and my stuff, some hope.

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