Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amélie, je t'aime

After seeing Amélie for the first time last night, I find it very difficult to believe that I actually managed to go for 7 years in ignorance of this film. It all began when Peter put on Yann Tiersen's gorgeous soundtrack on our way home from tubing.Aside from adoring the film on the whole, there's the added benefit of the photobooth as a major plot device! I also just loved the colors, set design, and overall nostalgic feel of it. Love Amélie's red bedroom with art by Michael Sowa.If you've yet to see this film, do not delay! And be sure to check out Yann Tiersen's music. The man is a worker of magic.


Leigh said...

This is one of my favorites! I can just watch it over and over and over. And the soundtrack is gorgeous. My amazing pianist sister, who is visiting for the summer, found the sheet music and has been playing it. So lovely.

Wu said...

Isn't the photo booth scene great? I'm so glad you enjoyed it.