Sunday, May 25, 2008

still charming

After writing about the Charmingwall website, I was thrilled to see it pop up on The Design Files today! It's especially interesting as Lucy lives in Melbourne, Australia, and Charmingwall is in New York. From Lucy:

"Charmingwall represent artists from a variety of backgrounds, from fine arts to comic-book culture and everything inbetween. Most of the work has an illustrative feel and is largely figurative in style, however this is where the similarities end... the work on offer covers a broad range of aesthetic influences - there are elements of street-art, fashion illustration, and very decorative, ornate detailing which reminded me of traditional folk arts and even textile design..."

She also links to the gallery in the press at Daily Candy, and the New York Magazine. I'm a fan of this gallery if for no other reason than it represents Daria Tessler, an artist from whom I bought two fantastic prints in Union Square. In fact, she just had a solo show there.

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