Tuesday, April 22, 2008

interactive internet

Amidst talk of art theft, I thought it might be nice to reiterate the good, unique things provided by the internet. In these cases, it is specifically the opportunities offered by Flash. While flash is a type of animation, it also has the potential to be interactive. More and more, we see interactive art pieces in modern museums (Carsten Höller's slides at the Tate Modern are a good example--a beautiful installation and fun), and through the internet, artists can bring such pieces directly to you!

Would you like a few examples? Okay!

Jackson Pollock- it may look like an empty page, but move your mouse around a bit and see what it's got to offer! Want to change the color? Simply click your mouse once. By Miltos Manetas (he's got others, too).

Bembo's Zoo- this site takes a good ole alphabet book by Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich and brings it to life! Click on any letter (I recommend "C," that was my favourite), and take a look!

NFCTD- I warn you, this last one by artist Caleb Johnston is a bit trippy. It's also a puzzle. You'll be given an image which is essentially an amalgamation of images from 19th century books periodicals. In order to progress to the next image, and the next, you'll need to click on various places on the screen, sometimes once, sometimes several times. Each click will change the image a bit. It's quite fun!

Know of any other pieces like these? Let me know!

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