Sunday, March 23, 2008


I'm sort of getting the feel for this blog now. It's still not 100% how I'd like it to look, but my friend Peter--who's a big-thinking jack-of-all-trades sort, recently built from scratch the website for the local professional theatre he's helping a mutual friend start--has offered to pitch in and help me. So perhaps things will get prettier in a little while. Until then, I've got a makeshift sidebar I'll point you to, specifically the links. Take a look at

Dooce is, to start with, a really freaking impressive site. It's designed and built entirely by Heather Armstrong, the woman whose blog it is. Now, if you can get beyond gaping at the pretty, I recommend checking out some of the photo archives. She has three categories of photo: Daily Photo (random artistic photos), Daily Chuck (photos of her dog), and the newest, Daily Style. Daily Style is the one I like best, mainly because this woman takes amazing photographs, but also because she has an awesome sense of style. Through her, I have made so many delicious discoveries.

I will enumerate:Additionally, aside from the visual aspects, there's the writing. Heather has an incredible way of turning just about anything into the funniest thing you've ever read. This, for example, made me laugh so hard I cried. Which doesn't happen a lot.

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